Here are elements to consider when choosing laminate:

Show off classic styles and the latest technology with durable laminate flooring. Easy installation and carefree maintenance make it a smart choice for any homeowner. 

Laminate flooring is fast becoming the alternative of choice for clients looking for style, durability and affordability. Got a busy home? Laminate floors can take the traffic. And because laminate is easy to maintain, it's always looking great! If you want a hard-working floor that looks great day after day, laminate gets the job done - beautifully. 




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Laminates most often are made to look like hardwood, tile or stone. They are constructed with a wear layer, then a decorative-image sheet, which are bonded to a rigid core - usually fiberboard with a bottom balancing layer to prevent bowing. High-performance laminate will not scuff or fade in high traffic areas. The surface is also burn-resistant and will resist scratching from pets. 

Let the experts at Simmons Floors help you select the right laminate floor for your home.