Why Good Carpet Pad Matters.


Simmons says….

“Customers frequently ask me about pad for their new carpet. What should we buy? Should we up grade? How thick should it be? What is the best pad? These are all good questions and everyone who buys carpet should have a basic understanding about one of the most important elements of their new carpet because it is a key factor in determining how long your carpet will last.

It is not necessarily true that more expensive pad will last longer or that it is the best product for your floor. Some very expensive pads may not hold up under high traffic wear.

At Simmons Floors we put high quality pad in every installation. We currently use an 8 lb. rebond  product with added memory foam and a moisture barrier giving  your carpet the support it needs while also providing a nice cushion under your feet. The moisture barrier provides added protection by preventing stains and spills from penetrating to the subfloor.

These rolls of pad weigh approximately 100 lbs each. Be aware that just because a business promises an 8lb. pad, it still may only weigh 60-70 lbs  per roll and be made of substandard materials.  At Simmons Floors you can be sure that you are getting quality pad and professional installation with every carpet purchase.”